Monday, August 17, 2009


So last night it kind of hit us, the date, that is. It was Sage's 6 month birthday. I thought a bit about where she would be right now, starting to scoot maybe, sitting up, maybe trying some mashed foods, sleeping through the night...probably not. It's hard to think of her that big. I guess I will always have her at 5 days burned in my memory. That's ok. My DH is still dealing with cardiac issues, he has his stress echo tomorrow and hopefully we will get away with beta blockers and monitoring. I love when the physicians ask, "have you had any abnormal stressors in your life lately"......have we EVER!!!!!!! After I pipe up with our lovely year in review, bed rest, kidney stones, birth and death of child, surgery for said stones, job loss, and now this....yeah, they can see why stress is a factor. eyeyeyeyey. At least he has finally quit smoking! 

I brought up TTC last night, I felt bad doing so but we had agreed on 6 months, right? I prefaced that, "as long as all the cardiac stuff is taken care of" are we still planning on trying again in December? He agreed, as long as he was well we can. WOOHOO! So now I am on the 3 month countdown! It sounds so petty with everything else going on, job, school for hubby, school for girl child, phd for me, single income, health issues, money issues......we need a baby like a hole in the head..........What's one more hole, right? 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

almost 6 months

This month is number 6 since Sage came and went. It's also the month that we agreed to talk about trying again. I'm excited and nervous since we are now dealing with cardiac issues with my DH. Nothing overly serious but stressful for him since this is a new thing in his life. Hopefully this is the push he needed to finally quit smoking and get healthy. We will see.