Monday, December 21, 2009


The Hospice Share ceremony went really well. I got trough the entire thing without crying or throwing up...a huge accomplishment these days for me. I talked about how we could never imagine getting through losing Sage before and about how we are now part of an exclusive club no one would ever want admission into. I spoke about the friends I have made through Share and the benefit of a therapist who can say "No, you are not insane". It was nice overall.

The holidays are almost upon us and I can't help but think about our heart recipient. We still haven't heard anything from them at all. We got an update from the hospital when he went home in April or so but nothing after that. I just can't imagine not communicating anything at all. I know every family works different and we aren't looking for a "thank you" but something would be nice. We are in contact with the liver recipient regularly and she even rejected Sage's liver and got re-transplanted in October. Still, we chat with her family and love to see her make strides towards going home. She is still part of our family and always will be. The OPO we worked with has little as far as support. They have parties they invite us to and donor family retreats once a year but nothing as far as support groups or outreach especially for pediatric donors. Maybe I'm just too demanding and needy.

We lit a candle for Sage and are looking for someone to make a statue made with Sage's ashes for her birthday. It's ending up harder than we thought.
To everyone, have a wonderful holiday and be gentle with yourselves.


  1. Hoping your Christmas is filled with peace and even some joy as you think about your precious memories with Sage.


  2. May God carry you and bring you peace during this difficult season. *hugs*

  3. Know that you are not being harsh or needy. As Sage's mommy you need affirmation that her heart was received by a family that is appreciative of your "gift". It's not too much to ask, but as you say people react differently. Perhaps, they just don't know what to say. In the mean time, know that your saccrifice is an eternal gift, the most selfless "gift" one could ever give and I admire your courage to grant this gift of life.

    Love and Prayers,