Monday, February 21, 2011

Transplant day

2 years ago at this moment I was awake...waiting for the morning and the NICU to call to say Sage had been matched and what the OR time was for surgery. I sat and waited....I think I was as anxious as the recipients' moms were. We were at the end of our journey...our 6 day expedition through organ donation and trying to do right by our daughter. The events of that day are time stamped in my mind and I just hope they go by smoothly this year.

This is a special day for the recipient families as well....I keep in touch with the liver recipient family.....their daughter did not make it...after a year and another transplant she lost the fight. The heart recipient's family has maintained silence...I try not to let it make me sad. I know he is doing well and get updates sporadically from the transplant hospital. I wish they would say something though.....

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