Saturday, June 18, 2011

A warm welcome to baby Sabrina!

A dear BLM that I have come to be good friends with online and on the phone has had her rainbow baby!!! A sweet girl named Sabrina. I want so much to call and squeal with delight  and gush on about how beautiful the little peanut is, but ......but I know the painful dichotomy that often accompanies the intense joy that comes with a living baby in your arms. You are hyper vigilant, worried, obsessed with every breathe, sound, and fluctuation in temperature. Normal new baby concerns are blown into major panic worthy events. This new wonder may be shadowed by a newly rekindled sense of loss....what if the other one(s) had cried...would they have sounded the same, looked the same, made the same funny fists with their thumbs tucked inside. I know these feelings are not exclusive to me...actually they are downright normal. So I guess I will let them settle in at home, get comfortable and let the initial wave of mega emotions ebb out ....and then I'll call and have her describe her delicious daughter to me in excruciatingly wonderfully perfect detail.

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