Saturday, September 1, 2012

So everything went ok. Juniper Geen (sounds like Jean) was born last Friday (24th) and did great. She is tiny but we knew that going in. She had apgars of 9/9 and has almost gained all her in hospital loss weight back already. She is a great little peanut and looks exactly like there is that. I have goofed and called her Sage but I guess that's to be expected? I had a horrible recovery as I am super sensitive to meds and anesthesia. After 12 hrs of non stop vomiting I finally started to feel human and on day 4, came home. We are enjoying our babymoon with our 4th and last child. I can feel the PPD creeping back in and am recalling all my interventions to stave it off. I want to enjoy this baby..I really really do. :)

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  1. so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 i am glad you are recovering