Monday, July 27, 2009

From the lovely woman at To Write Their Names In The Sand


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Check out my post from today to see what I did with my girls' names in the sand.

  2. Hello, we don't know each other so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kelly Neff and I found your blog link on the Secret Garden Meeting website. My blog, if you are interested is I read your story, or Sage's story and it broke my heart. I'm so so sorry. Today is the 7 month anniversary of my son, Connor's death. He lived for 7 days. He was full term and so beautiful but there was a complication with the delivery. They believe he pinched the chord on the way out and was without oxygen for 11 minutes. He was resusitated and began seizing right away. He was also transferred to the NICU and the cool cap treatment was used but there was too much brain damage. We were able to donate heart valve tissue but then later found out they were unusable b/c the aortic valve had a tear and the pulmonary valve had four leaflets instead of three. I'm sure you're wondering why I am sending you this very long comment, but when I read your blog, it sounded so much like our experience with our son. My little Connor who I miss so much! I just wanted to say that there is someone out there who is thinking of you during your time of grief.