Sunday, February 21, 2010

A year ago tonight we said goodbye to our baby girl. We got word she would be transplanted and that she would have her surgery in the morning. It was the most bittersweet goodbye imaginable. Tomorrow will be hard. I have the times in my memory etched forever.....6 to say she was placed for heart and liver...10am...OR time got pushed almost done...2pm...holding my baby girl finally without tubes, fear, or a heartbeat. Knowing that it was at that very second being reanimated in a 6 week old little boy just hours north of us made all the difference in the world. It still does. God, I miss my baby girl.


  1. oh mama. i know you still miss her. i know i will never stop missing my little girl either. much love and prayers to you.

  2. I am thinking of you and your angel. I am glad to know she was able to help another baby. God Bless you, your angel, and the baby who bennefited from her heart. *hugs*